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Originally Posted by sean sherry View Post
In view of all the serious crashes reported on Country Roads I have been considering the two Cars we Drive. The Mk V11Golf is fine as a run about in Sydney. ( I have tested all the Air Bags in my 2013 Model !! ) How ever we now travel to our Daughters in laguna and in Shell Cove. North and South. Our low mileage 2010 C Class seems relatively Safe, I can't find any comparison to the later 205 to compare crash tests. ???? Some sites suggest that the 2018 Subaru Legacy is a better bet. Either the 2.5 or the 3.6. I'm not too concerned about the cost, just safety, say under $70,000.
I have a memory that there is a assessment of real World crash results on an American Insurance Company Site. Bryce ????
I don't recall the site that had the real world results but I do seem to recall it being an insurance company.

Don't forget that car safety ratings (e..g 5 star) include both crash safety and measures to prevent crashes. For example, in modern testing you can't get a 5 star rating without things like warnings if you get out of your lane and so on. A car can be very safe and score poorly in the test because it doesn't have this equipment and score well but not be as safe because its engineered for the test not the real world.

That is not to say that additional technology is not going to prevent accidents, but the ratings mix both. Personally I think there should be two ratings, one for collision prevention and one for if you actually crash.
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