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Default Re: Realistic total respray price?

When considering the total cost of respraying a car, the quality of finish is dependent upon the finish one wants - as Michel explains. However, I don't think it is quite as simple as that, and there are some reasons why I make that statement. Just about everybody expects their car to be perfect after it's been resprayed. I don't really think that they care whether they have paid two grand, or ten for that matter - they just want a perfect job, and if the $2K. job doesn't turn out that way, they don't understand that - and immediately the relationship turns sour.

Also what needs to be taken into consideration is the quality of removal and refit of all body components that need to be stripped prior to starting the preparation - you need to take into account, removal of screens (especially the front), the quality of the trim that will be refitted, are there costs involved as far as rubbers are concerned etc. etc.

Last but not least - preparation by a person other than the one that carries out the actual respray - when Gleaming Beauty was done by Michel, I decided that Jerry should not only paint the car, but should also do the preparation, even though we could have done it ourselves. You see, when you have two different people involved in the work, and if for some reason there are problems down the track, neither of the two parties can be blamed for not accepting responsibility. They would blame each other, and there is sweet bugger all you can do about it. In fact I know of some firms that will not respray a car unless they have done the preparation.

Preparing a car requires considerable skill - it is the most important part of the respray. Get the preparation wrong, and it's all down hill from then on. My two bobs' worth. Regards Styria
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