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Default Re: The Rover P5/P5B

Okay, we have another car, but this time it is not a 3.0/3.5 litre Saloon or Coupe. I am referring to the ill fated Rover 75 of '2000s vintage that was, with the help of BMW, to be the saviour of the Rover Company. I am highlighting the video for a number of reasons. First, and perhaps foremost, I have always considered it to be an extremely attractive car, with a beautiful interior. Additionally, whilst I have known peripheral facts, the presenter in this video is extremely easy to listen to, and his summaries of the car's fate are most enlightening.

Some two to three years ago, I came across a 75 Station Sedan - quite rare and I was told it'd be cheap(ish). When I arrived at the vendor's property, some well advanced in age purportedly Academics, it didn't take long to decide to give the car a miss. Their home and surrounding area were littered with rubbish, and the car wasn't much better, with interior trim missing, and whilst I took the car for a brief drive, it was obvious that not all was well with the engine. It was, or normally is, a V6 K-series unit, known to be extremely difficult and expensive to work on. What does Scotty Kilmer say.....stay clear of neglected cars. This one fell into that category.

Mind you, I have seen some beautiful and well cared for examples, fairly reasonably priced, but there is always that engine's reputation that needs to come into reckoning. Regards Styria

N.B. Please, persevere with the video - it is not too long, but quite informative and well presented.

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