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In light of the lack of activity here I'll post a brief update...

The move went as well as could be expected and after settling in it's worked out better than I thought. After more analysis of the fleet I'm looking at keeping 5 cars so the rest have to go after taking what I need. Unfortunately it can take a long time to sell some cars so the process is pretty slow!

So I'll be keeping:
2 x 6.9s
2 x 560s

I'm selling a crashed 500SEL and a crashed 560SEL very soon so I'll post links when the ads come on-line.

Oh I don't think Fakebook will ever replace forums! The info here is far too good (no thanks to Photobucket )!

01 Ford AU 5L (Deep Blue)
89 560L#322020
88 500L#451660-P
88 420L#422477-P
87 420L#324309-P
87 420L#-P
88 420L Euro#-P
88 420L#-P
86 560L#235896-P
79 6.9#5541 (Red Bull)
78 6.9#4248 (Skye)
79 6.9#3686 (Moby Dick)
78 6.9#1776 (Dora)
77 450L#067010-P
75 450L#028414 (Gold Nugget)-P
57 Buick 73A (Titanic)
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