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Default Re: Rusty Gold 6.9 sold for $8K

Originally Posted by Oversize View Post
Yes I think it was a good price for the seller but it did have high compression engine. Looks like an early car with no timber on the console although the speedo looks like km only so maybe parts have been swapped?

I had set aside a day to have a closer look but it sold before I had a chance. Looks like rust in the sills & boot area. Apparently in the doors too. Suspension appears to be blocked up rather than operative.

The car was bought in NSW & recently sent to Vic. The new buyer is in NSW so itís going back! Whoever bought it apparently sold another for $55k so they have resources to restore this one but not sure if thereís much profit to be made after costs.

Mark, do you know the guy who bought the car, and also do you have details of the $55K. sale of that person's 6.9 ? It's more as a matter of curiosity that I would like the details. Regards Styria
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