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Default Re: Hydropneumatic Suspension - Part 1

The front and central cells on a 6.9 run at a higher pressure than the W126 ones (red vs green) so I doubt they have been superseded. The red cells were specified for the heavier M100 engine. The W126 with the lighter M117 engine has green cells for all 5.

Hence my question about how a W126 might behave running red 6.9 cells on the front? Would it be similar to the 'sport' struts that were once available?

I used to think a regular car's suspension was pretty simple to understand. The steel springs control the ride height depending on the weight involved and the shock absorbers control the movement of the spring in bump and rebound. However is gets more confusing with a progressive rate spring which changes tension as it's compressed.

A little like the cells in a hydro system which increase spring rate as they are compressed. I'd have thought this would reduce body roll over and above the standard 450, however the 6.9s stabiliser bar is actually bigger than a standard one! Perhaps it's simply due to the valving arrangement which might allow fluid to move from one side to another during cornering?

So what controls the bump and rebound on a 6.9, or a hydro W126? Is it only the struts, or a combination of both?? Clearly the factory mod was to replace standard struts with the sports ones if the owner desired. Being these are NLA and a mod to the standard struts is yet to be investigated, I'm wondering if cells running higher pressures could achieve the same result? Or if a mod to the hydro circuits could improve cornering stability....

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