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Default Re: Steering Wheel Lock

Originally Posted by sean sherry View Post
Yes... one Car done... Our C250 2010 we take to the Country twice a month. So I took it to "Sydney Star" in Brookvale to R & R... Australian ECU in the same building replaced an upgraded Motor and some of the vulnerable gear Bits.
Our other C200.. 2010 is ok for now (Also 80,000 Ks) a suburban Car. I will probably R & R it myself but will have the Unit professionally sorted and tested together with the Key Module.
I now understand that it is not if.. but when ..for the Lock Motor. I have heard that some have failed as early as 40.000Ks.
Is there someone closer to me at Hunters Hill ???
Australian ECU repair does the repair , anyone can remove from the vehicle and send to them
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