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Default Re: Steering Wheel Lock

I've had my W220 S500 just over 12 months and have covered 30,000kms in that time so I'm at 120xxx right now. The issues I've had I believe relate to the low K's for it's age.
At its first service I replaced brake rotors and pads all round, fitted a new MAF I supplied ($290) and a B service came to $1200, including Trans oil change and filter. Parts came from Imparts, local to me.
Second service, an A service, was $440, including air filters and a cabin filter. In between I replaced 2 rear tires, $280 each fitted for Pirelli P Zero 18" Both due to punctures from the Tek screws left in my factory car park after Solar panels on my roof were installed
I've had 2 other issues, the secondary cats fell apart inside, and rattled like ball bearings in a can, $880 for magnaflow cats.
Then a cracked vacuum fitting for the brake booster resulted in no power assistance $120 for a genuine Benz part, hose included and $80 labour.
Sure, a decent spend, but what a drive
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