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Wink Power difference

Now at last I know ,for sure, the difference in Power outputs offered by Manufacturers from the same engine. eg VW Turbo Golf . Basic 1.4 92 KW model and same 1.4 with 110 Kw...... Just a VW chip Tune. V W of course say there e is a difference in the Engines Just as Audi say that their A3 is not a Golf.
Again the Badge in the front and the Badge on the back... plus $15000 her in Aust. My Golf is tuned via a German Tuning Box, claimed 15% increase in Torque , who knows , but it performs very well.Our C Class 1.8 Turbo does not need any additional Tuning, now nicely freed up at 60,000 Ks with plenty of urge.
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