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Short answer Brian .. No. But... The guy I sold the Business to is alive and well at West Ryde. Big problem is that, as with a lot of other things, parts are not available. Nor are circuit diagrams. If the main processor goes down the Processor Chip itself can be available online , but the software content is privey only to the Car Manufacturer. It is generally not cost effective to perhaps spend hours trying to sort out a circuit Board only to find out that the part is not available. Customer does not want to pay for the time spent. Also the instrument Clusters are increasing near impossible to dismantle. Sealed for life as it were. The older Analogy systems were a lot easier to deal with.
For example BMW all Models to the late nineties ... Transmission Computers for Renault from the early seventies until they went Digital.
It is increasingly a throw away world, cheaper to replace than to Repair.
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