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Default Re: A strange phone call ...

Originally Posted by Helmet View Post
The W166 GLE has a spare wheel, albeit a space saver.
Quite correct. The GLE350 does have a space-saver but the new GLE coming in May does not. It has run flat tyres usable up to 80KPH for 100 kilometres.
Now imagine this; I'm at Parks at a dog show and leave there just on dark to drive home. A puncture would leave me stranded for days - and with hungry dogs gnawing at my ankles....
How frequent is a puncture? I had 3 in 2018 so the Jeep Grand Cherokee with Kevlar reinforced tyre walls is starting to make sense.
Ps: If you own a first series Goodwood Phantom (2003 - 2016) you can't even buy tyres anymore. R-R Motorcars has a solution and will sell you a new and different wheel and tyre combination for $20,000.
Real men drive a 6 speed manual.
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