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Default Re: Linnwood House Display

I have strong personal memories of the black Wolseley 18 / 85 that is pictured.
My grandfather purchased it as a new car in 1948. I was able to positively identify it, because the steering column had to be shortened to accommodate my grandfather's larger than average tummy.
It was garaged in Captain Piper's Road Vaucluse from 1948 until 1952, then in Carlingford from 1952 until 1955, when it was sold.

I can still strongly remember looking to riding in the sumptuous dark tan leather seats as a kid. The first luxury car I had ever been in. It had a (then) genuine regal atmosphere about it.

It has spent quite some time in Tamworth (15+ years?), but is now (I believe) garaged in Sydney.
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