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Default Re: Sometimes you must love technolgy...

If I can put in my two cents worth. If there is a feature that will automatically stop you from running into the car in front of you, that's a great feature. They call that Distronic, don't they, and it is already on many cars - am I correct ? Sean's mishap of course is unrelated to this thread, and his problem was one of inattention to traffic conditions. That could happen to the best of us - if we dream or don't pay attention. I have had two at fault accidents - the first fifty two years ago on a dark country road, and the second in 1982 when I was looking elsewhere, and in order to avoid running into a stationary bus (stopped illegally I might add) I drifted across into oncoming traffic.

Overtaking, of course, requires that you know your car's capabilities intimately. Even if you had a screen that would provide details of oncoming traffic that may be obscured from view, you'd still have to know and be capable of judging if you have enough time, distance, speed and forward vision to judge if you can overtake safely. If your judgement fails you, guess what ? Head-on. As simple as that. Regards. Styria
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