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Default Re: 30 Ugliest cars ever

Well, how about 70 of the worst cars ever ? Have a good listen to the soundtrack to start off with - pretty groovy. Anyway, the cars.......

Quite honestly, there are some great looking cars to grace the pages. Daihatsu Copen, Tatra 603, Skoda Roomster (here it is again), Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Brake (!), Pontiac Trans Sport (really nice), a couple of KIA models - that's not a bad looking lot. I also remember the Ford KA - on its introduction back whenever, "CAR" couldn't stop raving about it - cruising at 100, miles and not kilometers that is, on the French Autoroute - best thing since sliced bread....and, of course, the Fiat Multipla made the list again. Some versatile car, that Fiat. Anyway, try and enjoy the post. Regards Styria
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