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Default Re: Rusty Gold 6.9 sold for $8K

I foreknew that I sold my 6.9 too cheaply, but a more important point has to be made.
It went to a new owner, who fully appreciates what 6.9's are all about.
Nothing beats the ride of a 6.9. Had my mother, and on another occasion, my mother-in-law sitting in the back like Lady Kafoops, both with a smile on their face. Those times are always good to remember.
New owner Mark has driven it return to Adelaide four times.

Now, I have a superior car. (E55 AMG). So good in fact, that I bought the W202 C280, to help keep extra klms on the AMG to a low level - around 2,000 klms / year. Performance wise, runs rings around a 6.9. Two seconds less 0-100 km/hr, and much more sure footed. Certainly feels well planted.
W210's however, don't look quite as nice as W116's. W116 styling screams "[B]Mercedes-Benz[/B]".
It may not quite attain the investment potential of a good 6.9, but the prognosis looks pretty good.

Cost double what I sold the 6.9 for, but the advantages are:
A near perfect 20 year old car, but with still less than 100,000 klms covered at the time of purchase.
Genuine full house AMG, which includes not only engine and drive line, but also all suspension and brake componetry, wheels, and all of the interior furnishings and exterior dress-up.
Body shell only from Sindelfingen. Only produced AMG's like that for a couple of years. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Had a couple of problems with it initially, but now all solved in accordance with original specification, including new Continental original AMG spec tyres.

Actually, my w202 C280 V6 is a Bremen car, not a New London (South African) car. If I look after it, it may have some investment potential as well.
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