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Default Re: Craigslist 1975 Mercedes W116 450SEL - $3995

Originally Posted by WiSeGuYY View Post
LOL DUDE , if you remember few month ago i decline your advise to keep my diesel engine of the w108 ( RED PIG project) i guss in other forum and i did change it to gasoline.

I didn't know that in the US are fans for diesel engines though the 300 SD was introduced originally for the US MARKET but making your own fuel that is awsome idea for sure , inspired by the BACK TO FUTURE movie and DA LOREN car with flux .

WELL DONE but i don't digest it.


Diesel cars aren't really all that popular over here. Mostly pickups and vans will have them. Americans don't like the sound a diesel makes and the ones that the US made in the 70/80's made lots of smoke and smelled bad.

Granted, when I first start mine, it does let-out a puff of black smoke, but after that, no smoke at all. It is rather a loud diesel compared to the GMC diesel we have in our Suburban, but I like the sound the Mercedes diesel makes.

About the only thing that you can buy here that is a passenger car and is diesel is a VW or MB. They are really the only 2 that have consistently sold diesels. Every once in a while I will see a BMW or a Volvo diesel sedan, but they are very rare.


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