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Default Re: K-JET Injection system

Easy is relative to the urgency and/or lack of other options Styria, IF you can get them cheaply and easily then obviously that is the option to follow and genuine is always best.

I just found that working with some cars I got a far better result getting pipes custom made than I did buying OEM parts and that the quality was better "custom".

With Mercedes Benz I don't think this would be the case (Apart from possibly the cost factor) and this was why I had associated trades who work with pipes and hoses manufacture bits and pieces for me which were cheaper, locally available and often of a far higher quality than the OEM parts sourced through correct channels.

I must add though that I was working with US GM/Pontiac/Chevrolet as well as Volvo and Jaguar where a Power steering hose cost was well into the hundreds of dollars genuine and yet only $70 at the time custom made to a higher spec.

Even the Grey import Jap "Boy Racerus" cars gave us grief so it became second nature to find alternate quality sources.

My nature is to think outside the box but it is also to ensure the quality and note the fine details especially when it comes to safety items and this practise is not uncommon in the motor trade but more a well kept secret because charging $380 for a $70 part makes good financial sense too :-)
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