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Thank you C107 and Patrick for your encouraging remarks. What I have found is that it is not unusual for underbonnet changes to occur from year to year. Nothing really major, but brackets here and there, relays etc. etc. Still sticking to under engine bay area, the fuel filter located at the very left front of the inner guard is not an easy item to replace. Why they put it in that area, I just don't know, but I don't like it. Another two difficult items to adjust - firstly, the adjustment pulley for the AirConditioning Compressor located at the front of the engine block - there is no facility to use an adjustment arrangement - all done by muscle power, or by hydraulic jack or some form of long extension jacking up the pulley itself from under the car and then tightening it. Not easy.

In addition, adjustment of the twin power steering belts again is almost impossible. I used to drill an inspection hole (access hole) in the inner guard in line with the adjustment bolt. Any other means of adjustment is well nigh impossible. I have some pics of engine bay compartments which will illustrate the extent of equipment that you will find there. Impressive !

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