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Default Re: Mercedes CD stacker

Originally Posted by abl567 View Post
Is it a 6 or 10 stacker? f it's the 6 stacker it's an Alpine unit, try pushing down on the cassette as you push the eject button.
Hello Ant,

I have a 10 disc CD stacker located in the boot.

I have spoken to Eurovox in Melbourne and I did quote the radio/CD serial number.

To find the out the radio code I would have to fill out a form and pay $25 for the code.

I went to see a local auto electrician he told me to try a CD lens cleaner I havenít tried out his suggestion yet I wonder if it is worth it will it work?

I would like to keep the radio/cassette & CD player all original with the Mercedes CD stacker.

Eurovox did quote $110 and including there labour to repair the CD stacker and remember to include the postage to send the CD stacker to Melbourne.

As far as I know there is no Eurovox retailer located in NSW but I could be wrong
There is a Becker retailer located in NSW but I doubt Becker would even look at repairing a Eurovox CD stacker?

I was playing a 1980 YES that old Neil Diamond The Jazz Singer cassette whilst driving the car and the sound was terrific.

1980 seems like a lifetime ago and I was only one years old!

Well maybe if the CD lens cleaner does not work I might have to bite the bullet and send the stacker to Eurovox?

Cheers guys,
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