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Default Re: A strange phone call ...

Originally Posted by BenzBoy View Post
This afternoon I received a strange phone call - strange in that obviously someone has listened and cares. M-B Asia Pacific phoned me a s long time customer to ask if it was true that I had rejected buying a new M-B SUV because it has only run flat tyres. The rep was very interested in my logic and when I explained that a run flat would leave me stranded in Parkes or even just the other side of the Blue Mountains he agreed it was an issue and advised that the factory in Germany was simply no listening to them in Australia. He conceded that rural sale has failed since the introduction of run flats and then asked what alternative brands I was considering.
Strange - maybe someone in Australia is listening ..even if not in Germany.
That is actually pretty good they are ringing you on this. You would have thought this would be a pretty easy thing to fix though, just specify the option code. I can't imagine they can be selling cars in markets like africa if they can't offer it so surely its a matter of Mercedes Australia specifying the cars that way?

Now all they need to do is listen to buyers of their ridiculously priced spare parts in Australia.
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