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Default Re: Carobu Engineering - 560 Dyno Testing

Originally Posted by SEL_69L View Post
Is the compression ratio in your 560 different to the US/AU spec. engine?

The test picture reminded me that AMG produced about a dozen quad cam M117 modified engines, and they were all installed in SEC 560's.
A Google Images search should be able to find you an example. Also seen a V12 installed in a SEC 560.
AMG also did dress up kits and wheel flare guards for the SEC 560. Many more than a dozen of those kits were produced.
Yes, AUS/US is 9:1 and ECE is 10:1. KAT or RUF was 9 or 10 depending on year. Mine is ECE, as is the car oversize owns.

In their most recent update they swapped the European two piece exhaust headers for a tubular setup and only got very small gains.
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