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Default Re: Automatic Gearbox Additive

Originally Posted by Styria View Post
Hi Peter, thanks for your advice. I value it obviously for the reason of your experience in the motor industry. (Maybe I should ask Scotty Kilmer as well ? )

The money has changed hands, so on that score I am already the loser. On the other hand, changing the gearbox oil some three to four months ago (I can look up the actual date) certainly did not provide the desired solution. Mind you, in addition, I was totally surprised by the discoloured oil that was removed the other day. Just to what extent the previous shop went to in changing the oil I don't know. There is no pan on the Captiva and the oil was siphoned out.

I still wouldn't mind knowing how suitable Synthetic Oil is for a box that's done almost 200K. kilometres, and why different oil is used for the four speed and the five speed Automatic. One area of concern was the fact that the first shop told me that I had a four, and not a five speeder in the car.

Regards Styria

N.B. Food for thought ?
Sounds like they didn’t drain the Converter, that’s where all the fluid is so no wonder it was discoloured, they did half, no 1/4 oil change. Did they change the Filter ?
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