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Default Re: R107 - W116 - W109 Parts

At long last, I am now able to type up a list of some of my spares I wish to sell. I am posting on TK first before I really start utilizing either Ebay or other forms of Internet advertising.

108/109 PARTS

Jacking Point Rubbers - great condition and rare $60.00 for four.
Main Suspension Valve - rebuilt as new, unused $550.00
Front Suspension Valves - one unused $280.00 the other perfect $240.00
Rear Suspension Valve - hardly used, fully tested $240.00
Torsion Bar Kit (6.3) New and unused - Special price $280.00 1095860132 Available genuine only. Pelican Parts price - $US300.00 plus shipping
Two large size Horns - '60s very rare $ 80.00 each
Driver's side exterior Mirror Unmarked, real nice condition, and original equipment $80.00

Complete Rear Bumper Bar, ready to fit to car, includes great chrome all four bumperettes, rubber excellent condition (rubber alone new last price available was $400.00), unmarked chrome reversing light and all brackets to fit to car. $800.00

Original 6.3 Cooling Fan for 1969 model - motor and cradle included . $300.00 for the complete assembly
Original chrome handled interior mirror - very rare $120.00 For early Ch. 109 cars
Original 108/109 Reverse light assembly that fits to top of rear bar - excellent chrome and clear lenses $120.00
Right and Left rear lights chrome surrounds - great chrome $80.00 each
Four fully tested and operational 6.3 Fuel Injectors $120.00 each I believe new units, if available, retail for $1K. each
Bilstein Steering Damper - genuine and new $80.00
6.3 Ignition Coil - $40.00
Complete set of body moulds - Sides and Rear. New after market. $550.00 -Still in box

Left and Right Rear Light clusters - excellent , no cracks, good colour, but no rubber seals - 70.00 each

Genuine plastic Concertina sleeves for body to door wiring and plastic piping for central locking. Basically quantity of three - varying. Start at $60.00 each, very rare.
Rubber Sleeves Front and rear shock absorbers - one of each $35.00
Front Screen Timber finish 9on top of dash - exc. condition $300.00
Speedometer - calibrated (modified) to 260 kms/hour $200.00
Water Pump Pulley for 6.3 engine $200.00

For further details, please phone 0428 50 1800, or PM. Regards Styria

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