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Default Is the market flat?

It seems the new car market is quite flat at the moment - or, at least competitive in a way it has not been in the past few years.
We went on a preliminary excursion to do pricing today - and always by setting up an appointment in advance. At Mercedes-Benz we were served coffee and pastries and once we had been through the build the price suddenly became very, very flexible. How flexible is impossible to say as it varies according to the model. The more expensive the model the greater the discount and suddenly an almost new S Class with delivery miles only on it became almost affordable.
At BMW we were served coffee and sandwiches in a largely empty facility and taking 10% of the list price was only the first offer - and when we did not jump at it immediately we were offered another 5% discount and 5 years free scheduled servicing as well.
There were few deals on basic MB cars.
Even Peugeot turned handsprings and suddenly discovered they had un-issued stock of the 2018 Edition Definitive (the very hard to get last manual GTi model they are making). We drove past a major Holden dealer that once was wall to wall customer and it looked like a holding yard for left over stock and the lights were off.
Yes, we are teetering on the edge of a national recession but this was far more serious than I had believed.
Maybe now is the time to boy? Maybe in a couple of months it might be even easier to do a deal. Of course it might also be a sign that spending is unwise.
Strange times indeed.
Real men drive a 6 speed manual.
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