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Default Re: We get What we pay for

Well Sean, I won't knock what you have done. You've made it quite clear that the car is a bit of a "work about" car (new terminology !) and probably didn't justify the $500.00 quoted by Jerry. It's all relative to the time factor and the amount the time is charged for.

If all fails, you can always start again - I have found that "Proper" Pressure packs can last well and give you a more than reasonable finish. A few yers ago I got caught with a professional painting a set of Bundts with what could only be described as inferior quality, and Parks and myself started afresh with those wheels and painted them in 2 pack Silver. I daresay that the owner of that car would still be over the moon, even five or six years on. His 6.9 is one of the very best in Australia. I would be reluctant to use Pressure Pack on wheels as they take an absolute hammering from all kinds of road conditions, and I may have advised you at the time to 2 pack rather than Pressure Packs. I still maintain that attitude as far as wheels are concerned. Regards Styria

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