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Default Re: The Rover P5/P5B

we went to look at and possibly buy a 75 Wagon and I thought it to be a most delightful car; a little slow but smooth and easy to live with. By the time we had decide to proceed with the sale the announcement was made that production would stop. There was a warning sign of pending doom; the major Rover retailer was operating out of an onsite portable hut in the dealer's car yard and was not sure when they would get approval for a proper showroom.
There are some bargains to be had but I have been advised by someone who was a dealer for Rover that parts are very hard to source and the initial batch of engines developed multiple faults; porous blocks, timing chain wear and warped heads. That is enough to sace anyone thinking now of buying one. It's a real shame. The 75 had a style and grace we do not often see.
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