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Default R107 - W116 - W109 Parts

My recent operation has provided me with the opportunity to go through some of my spare parts that are surplus to requirements.

R107 - Tinted rear screen (SL/C) $180.00. Rear light clusters, perfect $ 120.00 each. Hazard Warning Flasher (R107 only) $45.00

W109 - complete rear bumper bar - excellent chrome, excellent full rubber strip (the rubber strip alone used to be priced at $400.00) together with all steel brackets - $350.00 complete. Also complete set of new body moulds - after market, great copies $350.00. Selection of after market disc brake pads - dust free.

Postage extra, plus small handling fees, some items will need to be picked up or delivered personally. A number of other items not listed herein. Please PM me, or 0428-50-1800. Regards. Styria
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