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Originally Posted by SEL_69L View Post
Actually, the max. quoted torque in my current car is only 20 Nm shy of the max. torque in Syria's 6.9, except that it is at higher revs.
5 speed quick shift gearbox and 300kg less to drag around also help.
5.4 secs 0-100 km/hr quoted on Wiki.

A decent 6 speed Holden will still see it off rather easily.
I have been in a 325 kW Holden, and they have quite savage acceleration.
Also rather fun in a 455 cubic inch Chevelle, that is owned by my former boss; (not much class, though )

Tell them the model, son, tell them the model. You have good reason to be proud of your car, and some of the mods you have already carried out to make it a better car. Better still, start a new thread - TK not only allows you to do it, but also encourages the practice of other models and even other makes. Witness Rovers......Regards. Styria
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