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Default Re: 450 SE windsheild wipers - original colour & length?

Hi a5a1234,

Don't know if I'm missing something or if there are differences between Canadian wiper blade refills and Australian ones, but when I recently replaced the wiper blades on the rusty 350 (before I knew it was rusty), all I did was:

1) Buy 2-pack of wiper refils from car parts store - lots of brands, lengths, sizes, colours and types available - for me:
Brand = cheapest
Length = longer than longest wiper on Merc
Size = whatever matched the end profile of the little H shaped black plastic backing of the previous / worn wiper blades
Colour = black or grey or whatever suits your mood
Type = cheapest (or get silicone or whatever suits your mood)

2) Cut each blade to length - instructions on the pack, in my case I just scored the back with a knife, then snapped the plastic backing, then cut teh bubber to the same length. when cutting to length, I left about 2cm / 1" extra on the end - can always trim later if it's too long.

3) Fit - slide plastic H backing around metal bits of wiper arm, metal clip last so that it clips on the end of the wiper arm furthest from the respective wiper motor.

4) Test - try wipers, if anything hits, slide wiper blade out, trim a little, put back in, test again.

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