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Default Re: Water Pump Flow Rate

So the engine had no coolant, only rusty water.

And its an iron block/alloy head combo with brass and copper components.

You couldnt flush the block from the top so you started and ran it sans intact cooling system.

First up, the thermostat will have been closed by the cold water hence the lack of flow thru the block.

Remove the thermostat and it will flow, even past the waterpump.

Secondly if you have sludge or goo you wont clear all the galleries with a garden hose.

Thirdly running an engine without an intact and full cooling system means that the cooling galleries in the heads wont have coolant in them, they will get very hot and cause issues. Even a few moments will cause some heat to soak into the heads which can damage them and hard bake any goo in the galleries.

Finally adding coolant to a system that has been without it for some time can soften hoses and gaskets causing coolant hoses to burst and possibly head gaskets to deteriorate.

Re this line 2) The pump only started working when the engine temp reached about 80 degrees C - assume it has some kind of thermal clutch? I had assumed it was direct drive. What's the benefit of such a setup? That'd be when the thermostat opened, and the temp guage will not have given you the temperature of the heads which may have been far far higher.

Hope this helps
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