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Default Re: Central Locking - Fix it !

Originally Posted by WGB View Post
Some of the plastic tubing had become brittle as well on my car and if left undisturbed is often OK but if you do a repair and move it it can snap - this happened when I replaced my blower motor - the length that runs under the dash up in the left hand corner where it can presumably get some heat off hot metal exposed to the sun.

I assume if you are going to start to repair this system doing the lot has some advantages.

There is a diagnostic flow chart for the HVAC part in the workshop manual.

Hi Bill, 'manhandling' is invariably the cause of the plastic tubing braking, particularly under the bonnet. I guess it is handy to know that the 116 library has details of the system, but I must admit to not having looked at their library for years now. Regards Styria
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