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Default Central Locking - Fix it !

Well, it's far easier said than done. I have experienced problems with Gleaming Beauty for a number of years, as well as Wilhelm, the Astral Silver 6.9 that I used to own, but is now in the hands of ChrisP., domiciled in WA.

With Gleaming Beauty, I had one somewhat unsuccessful visit to one experienced Mercedes mechanic, with not a lot of success, and in the end I really gave up - too time consuming to be travelling to and from his workshop. With "Wilhelm", another experienced MB mechanic, also had at least two attempts to get things working but, again in the end, he failed to fix the problem, whatever it was or were, on at least two occasions. Very disappointing, as money changed hands each and every time for no permanent fix.

So we come to another 6.9 (all models are the same, i.e. 280, 450 etc.) also with a problematic central locking system. You could obviously lock the driver's door with the key, but no response from any of the other doors, not filler flap, but the boot did lock itself. Where do you start ? Well, I took off all four door trims, and boot lining, and started sucking on the various valves until I was black and blue in the face. I spent hours and hours, and no avail, and frustration was at a maximum. It was a case of the totally blind leading the ever more so totally blind. In the end, I gave up, but I was determined to have another crack at it at some time. Gleaming Beauty, of course, was another to suffer all kinds of problems, and with everything dismantled (door trims etc.), it was an excellent opportunity to try and rectify whatever problems on my own accord. More to come. Regards Styria

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