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Default Re: TK's top 10 detailing tips for Tim.

Originally Posted by BenzBoy View Post
Hot tip - polish your glass with a glass polish such as Autoglym. Wind down the window by about 20 cm so you can also polish the top edge of the glass where it goes into the top channel.

Brake dust? Let's see some photos of the wheels Tim so we can advise you.
My favourite tool when brake dust is in a corner is a sharpened pice of bamboo used as a scraper in conjunction with wheel cleaner.

Morning Brian,

Yes I have used AutoGlym glass polish before and it is an excellent product.

I will have to take some photos of the two wheels that have the brake dust caked on which could be easily removed with wheel cleaner.

Brian your suggestion of sharpened piece of bamboo to clean wheels never have heard of that before.

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