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Known as the Rover 105R, it was only manufactured for one year - 1958. Don't ask me why, but I had always stayed clear of that model. Maybe in my younger days, I preferred a manual transmission car, but the perceived complexity of the transmission seemed to cast a shadow on this model. Those that own one will always tell you that there is nothing complex about them, but try and find someone today to try and fix or rebuild a unit - chances are that you'll strike a blank.

There was the version 105S built in the same year, featuring a 4 speed manual with electric overdrive, and that was a great touring car, with a slightly larger bore exhaust with its own distinctive sound and twin carburettors. The following year the Company introduced the simply called 105 which featured a more dished grille surround and was the forerunner of the 100, also four with O/D and an engine featuring roller cam followers - a work of engineering art. Again a great touring car, but lacked the surefootedness handling of the 3 litre P5 Rover. Regards. Styria
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