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Default Re: 6.9 # 7114 - it lives !

Originally Posted by Styria View Post
Yes Mark, it knocked me around a fair bit. Step up with right leg which basically collapsed under me on account of a bad hip, and over I went without any control on my part. Very reminiscent of an almost identical fall about three to four years ago when I had to have operations on both my left shoulder and left hip.

Luckily enough, this time no major damage except for a nasty left forearm slash, and a sprained right wrist. Glasses fell off, my lorikeet went sprawling (he had been on my shoulder) and honestly I had no control over how I fell and what injuries I could have sustained.

Regarding Craig's car, the 6.9 - I spoke to him at the last Mercedes Club meeting, and he basically confirmed that father time and business commitments are simply preventing him from carrying out any work presently on the car. How are you getting on, Mark ? You still have at least three 6.9s still in your care - any progress on your part ? Be very interested to hear further from you. Regards Styria
Hello Styria sorry to hear about your fall look after yourself and all the best to you.

Cheers Tim.
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