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Talking Re: W109 6.3 vs Daimler Double Six S1

The earlier BW 8s and 12s were very robust Transmissions. I recall the first Jaguar V12 Coupe we did and being impress as to how well it drove. We modified it somewhat by fitting a softer front band from a Rambler , the only way to cure the skidding 1-2 upshift on light to medium throttle. The original Band was way too hard with a lower coefficient of friction, after a few miles on the clock. The other saloon Jags were the same. In the USA cars this was not a problem, probably because they shifter earlier ( higher low down Rev. Torque ) and before the Governor pressure reduced the Line pressure as the road speed increased.

For the technical.... T.V. pressure and Governor Pressure go head to head to to decide the upshifts and the Line Pressure. If the Governor pressure did not reduce the Line pressure as road speed increases and as the load on the Engine
decreased the upshifts would be very harsh.
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