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Default Re: W109 6.3 vs Daimler Double Six S1

Originally Posted by sean sherry View Post
Interesting about the Torque at higher Revs, as this Engine did not have not a happy marriage with the USA Turbine 400 Auto Box, which was designed for low Revving high Torque Engines. On the Motorways in the UK the intermedic Clutches were failing due to the high revving Jaguar Engine.
The T 400 auto was happier in the lower revving Rolls Royce V8s, except that R.R. fitted a "soft" vacuum Modulator to lower the Line Pressure to give soft sloppy upshifts. Easily sorted with a Modulator from a Pontiac. The Shadow 11 then drove much better with clean positive upshifts.
How did it fare with the earlier gearboxes like the Borg Warner 12? Same problem?
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