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Default Re: W109 6.3 vs Daimler Double Six S1

Originally Posted by c107 View Post
I would love a series 1 XJ12 or Daimler Double six at some point.
I've not driven one, but from what i gather the short stroke 12 is not a torque monster and makes its power at high revs.

Probably the comparison with the 6,9 would be more appropriate as they were contemporaries.
The Jaguar/Daimler V12 is extraordinarily smooth and revs very easily. It does not have the low-down torque of the 6.9 but it does sing through the revs; the two different motors reflect totally different cultures and each is as equally desirable. You owe it to yourself to drive the V12 as it is a very beautiful piece of engineering.
Real men drive a 6 speed manual.
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