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Originally Posted by Patrick_R View Post

Very mixed memories we have.

As your dad was an avid Holden man, you would have experienced all the ups and downs of pre air conditioned cars as I have.

Swimming in sweat in the back seat of my dadís FC, EH and HD are memories one canít forget.

Recent drives in my FB Special, brought those memories straight back.

Mixed memories for sure, great memories as a kid doing things with the family, and bad memories of sweating your back side off to travel to cool down at the beach or river, to then sweat profusely again on the way home, plus the added horror of being burnt bright red (no sun block back then) just added more pain.

Yes we do remember those days very well.

So Sean,
Get your car to Paradise STAT and get your issue sorted now, for yours and your families sake
Hi Patrick, that's the good old Australia as I knew it and also hated, but today think back fondly of what Australia was like and still should be today. One must recognize that the "Good Old Times" weren't always that good, but we always coped - probably because we knew nothing better ! In those days, the late '60s and '70s I drove Rovers and I always found them reasonably comfortable even on very hot days. As I said, we didn't know better. Regards Styria
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