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Thanks for your words of encouragement and appreciation. With TK languishing to a certain degree, I endeavour to introduce some different features in the hope that some others will appreciate and respond to them. After all, lets talk and exchange likes and, for that matter, dislikes.

The first video, Patrick, is really quite remarkable. Here you have the spectacle of three steam locos showing off their features, plus an Electric locomotive probably going back to the fifties or sixties taking part in the spectacle. I think it is great how you have trains travelling in the same direction side by side, and I also like the topography and the picturesque swiss countryside taking me back to my European trips in 2005 and 2008 which, for me after an absence of almost fifty years, represented a real homecoming to the country where I migrated from. Well, it wasn't Switzerland, but Austria is pretty close.

I remember when, in 1957, we were visiting a small city by the name of Hallein, some fifty kilometres on the southern side of Salzburg, and I would rush to the station early in the morning and watch trains approaching the station but not stopping. In those days, the trains were already electrified and you could hear the howl of the Electric motors even when you couldn't see the train approaching from afar and then passing you at about 160 in a cloud of dust. It was worth every minute of my time. Regards Styria
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