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Default Re: Steam Trains

Fantastic videos Styria.

Anything that is steam driven, and coal fired interests me big time.

The miniature rail network, is simply mind blowing.

If they wanted to make the video experience even better, they could take a leaf out of the geniuses (or is that Genii) that filmed Thunderbirds back in the 60’s.
They had a perfect way of making miniatures look full size, and more importantly make them look like normal movement and speed.
But that’s a story for another day.

The video of Eritrea is fantastic.
What a full colour image of something direct from the 1930’s.

If it was shot in black & white, it wouldn’t look out of place at all.
The video is shot very well, with the cameraman finding some great vantage points.

Thank you for bringing these to our attention Styria.
These were a great time out from cars.

I will start another thread for another steam driven vehicle close to my heart.

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