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Default Re: 2019 Mustang GT Review.

Extremely good point Michel,
This made me re think my thoughts of would i own one of these.
So I thought I would look a little deeper into these issues.

As you all may know I am not a Ford fan by any stretch of the imagination, my review was meant to maybe be of some assistance to anyone thinking of buying one to use as I did, which was a daily drive.

It seems that the Mustang does have some bad press when it comes to this, and even the fellow you quoted states “ANCAP ratings are a sore point”

Why I say this is I remember as I am sure you do, some of the worlds safest cars were demoted in Australia from 5 star ANCAP to 3 & 4 star when ANCAP reviewed and adjusted their rating systems.

Cars that were happily getting 5 Stars in Australia were now not getting these.
The main culprits for these down grades were visual seat belt warnings front & back, audible seat belt warnings front & back, stability control, side or curtain airbags pedestrian safety etc etc.

Some cars sold recently especially the Renault was flogged in the press for not having side or curtain airbags, yet still achieved a 5 star ANCAP rating.

If we look at the reports for Mustang, the biggest issue that drags it down to 3 stars is the child occupant protection rating of 32%. There is no lower score than this I can find in the ANCAP system.
The rear seats of Mustang do not have any seat belt warnings of any type at all, so this affects the ANCAP rating as well.
But that is Ford’s penny pinching, how expensive could it be to fit seat belt warnings for gods sake.

If we look at the other ratings, the Mustang stands up quite good, not great, but just as good and some better compared to some other cars sold in Australia.
In regards to pedestrian safety

It is interesting that my new X Trail, does not have any ANCAP scores for which the Mustang does.
This makes me think how safe it actually is.

Lastly I thought I would look at comparable sports cars sold in Australia.
Chrysler, Dodge, Porsche, Chevrolet.
None of these have an ANCAP rating, yet are still sold happily in Australia.
Exotic sports cars, do not even appear on the ANCAP list at all.

At least if one chooses to buy a Mustang, a full review and specs can be seen by the prospective owner who can then make an educated decision.
Like me, I will not have any children in the back of my Mustang, thus would negate that extremely low rating that section received.

If I want to buy one of the above performance cars, one can’t see any safety information in Australia at all.
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