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Default Re: 2018 Dodge Challenger R/T

Originally Posted by Michel View Post
Great article!
I enjoyed reading it.

In terms of great value for rental, I recall last year when I wanted to rent a car in Houston to drive to San Antonio and back, I found out that a Crew Cab F150 XLT was cheaper to rent than a mere Ford Fusion.

And coming back to the Challenger, my all-time favourite is the one out of the movie Vanishing Point.
Barry Newman, as car delivery driver Kowalski, decides to deliver a white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum (supposedly supercharged) to San Francisco by Saturday afternoon, leaving Denver on the Friday night and although the car isn't due in San Fran until Monday morning.

Worth watching for the racing scenes and the sound of the seventies as well that of the Challenger.
the white challenger did make me think of Kowalski and this movie. It's pretty much a two hour car chase.

The movie challenger also had the superbly tacky pistol grip shifter, something that would be almost mandatory should one ever get a manual car.

I do think the original challenger is one of the better looking pony cars of this era. When coupled with the 440 it was a pretty good combination. the collectors might want the 426 hemi but the 440 was easier for street use.
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