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Default Re: Purchase of new honda jazz

Michel - thank you. I do think she will be happy with the car. I suspect I will be too - if I want any motoring kicks, I'll hop into Gleaming Beauty, and press the loud pedal.

BenzBoy, thanks for bringing up that colour. We picked from another Honda sitting in the rain at the dealer's (it may have been a Civic), so we've never seen a Jazz in the Polished Metal colour. I just showed your pic. to Julie - she is ever so grateful and really loves the colour.

Timmy, thanks very much. We did prefer the Polished Metal over the other colours. Light Silver - a little boring, the Green too froggy and way out, the Blue somewhat 'making your eyes sore', and the Red ? Nice, but I worry about its survival rate in the harsh Australian sun. So, Polished Metal it was....and I do think it lends substance to the car, and dare I say a degree of handsomeness - new word. Regards Styria
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