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Default Purchase of new honda jazz

As most of you know, sadly the Statesman has to make way for the "Jazz". It's been coming for twelve months, and I have been able to resist the pressure, but just the other day I decided to fall in line with the 'SHE' who must be obeyed. As referred to in another thread, this comingTuesday is change-over. The dealers today appraised the car and gave it a clean bill of health. However, please somebody - buy this cracking good car off us. The specifications are almost perfect, we have the original Sales Document and plenty of invoices regarding parts and services.

So, that brings us to the Jazz. For some 12 months, it had been Yaris, Yaris, Yaris, and no, no, no - until she looked at one closely a few weeks ago and herself decided and admitted that the Interior looked nasty. I had no trouble going along with that assessment. So then it became the Mazda 2. Very cute little car (she thought), but I have never been enamored by its 'small size' and somewhat radical styling - nose down, back up, I am sure you know what I mean. I managed to drag her away from a possible signature there and then (last weekend), as I wanted to have a look at the new Ford Fiesta (some great reviews), the Hyundai i20 and i30 (Michel gives Hyundai a clean bill of health - and I do listen to him) and also the Jazz (the name is a bit Ho-Hum), because I had some favourable reports, especially from a young woman that I approached for details on the day we were waiting at the Twin Service Station for participants to arrive for the Oberon trip. She reckoned that in almost 300K. kilometers, the car has never missed a beat. Extraordinary ! Hope she was right.

Anyway, we never got to see any of the others, despite my urgings to keep looking. Thus, what made me fall in line with the Honda ? First of all, size. Physically perhaps just a little larger than the others - in fact, it reminds me very much of the original A - Class Mercedes.. Just that much more car around you, and the styling is not 'radical' - like the Mazda 2, to some extent the Fiesta (side on view) and the Hyundai - not all that pretty. Also, the new i30's rear hatch treatment is much like the Fiest's. The Focus - very nice, but just a bit too expensive. Okay, back to the Honda. Here I will give you a peep at the exact same car Julie is purchasing, save for the colour. It is called "Polished Metal".

In keeping with its competitors, the specifications are quite 'generous'. Cruise Control, the folding mirrors incorporating Indicators, steering wheel paddles for the gearbox, five speed Automatic, really nice looking Alloys, a get-you-home spare wheel (yes !), fantastic versatility as far as seating is concerned and (among other specs.) last, but not least, Honda Engineering integrity - in addition, this Honda Jazz was built in Japan. I will keep you guys posted in due course about further observations and assessments. Regards Styria

N.B. Click onto "AUTOPLAY" to see the full set of pictures, and specifications in detail.

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