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Default Re: Quiz Question of the week (2/5/17)

OK, time for a few more hints:

1) Primary Question:
There are actually two reasons for this, but my hints have all been focused on the first, and primary reason, as does the hint below.
There was no major industrial action at the Slough Citroen factory in 1951, in fact it was a bumper year for production with almost 3,000 cars leaving the factory gates. Yet despite that, many cars in Australia for 1951 were paris sourced.

1b) Secondary reason:
Paris Traction

Slough Traction

2) Secondary 1:
The TPV was going to launch in 1939, but with the outbreak of the war, Pierre-Jules Boulanger ordered the cars to be destroyed. Today, only 6 of these early cars are known to exist.
Ferdinand Porsche did visit the Citroen factory during the war

3) Secondary 2:
Dimitri Sensaud de Lavaud
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