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Question Correct spark plugs and dizzy cap...??? Canít find online

Hey AGAIN everyone (I've always loads of questions), again tinkering with the engine. Since I bought the car a few weeks ago its had a noticeable "miss" especially upon a cold first start. so today I pulled the plugs and of course number 3 was heavily sooted and had a carbon build up. need to replace asap....
also the dizzy cap had some damage inside, almost like someone hadn't fitted it correctly and the rotor had marked the side of it. luckily no rotor or dizzy damage.

The plugs fitted where NGK BP4ES which when I looked up where incorrect. Am I right in finding NGK BP6ES...???

Also i cant find a part number on the dizzy cap or find a number online, whats the correct dizzy ap i should be fitting...???

sorry its for a '74 280SE.

kind regards,
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