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Default Re: Australian 6.9 low in rear but OK in front; also goes to High position at front

The vagaries of the 6.9 hydraulic suspension system can be numerous and, more often than not, frustrating. I have always maintained that a 6.9 ought to be used from time to time just to keep "things on the boil", but even then one can be left frustrated in working out the system. 6.9s are now, and have been for quite a while, in the situation that anyone component singularly or perhaps in tandem with other components of the system, can leave you stranded, scratching your head, and causing frustration.

For a long time now I have been rebuilding some of the hydraulic components, with a better than reasonable success ratio. I have done this on a hobby type basis, and a number of my endeavours have been dictated by the need to keep my own "Gleaming Beauty" mobile for the last twenty two years - may even be 23. There are other rebuilders in Sydney, but one 6.9 (David Rollason's) has found its way to a very well known repair business with a wealth of experience going back thirty five years - and I am not talking about our Helmet (Peter). They have been confronted with purportedly slightly weeping front and rear valves, and that repair shop recommended replacement of those valves. Now, I repeat this repair shop bristles with Mercedes experience and suggested to the owner that the valves be sent to Melbourne for rebuilding.

The fact now is that the valves have been returned by their Victorian source advising them that they are unable to carry out the work. They simply don't know how to. So, the suggestion was forwarded that they now be sent to the States, and that's where the owner decided to contact me. As far as I am concerned, that repair shop should not have removed those valves and now rendering the car to attain the status of "VOR", especially as they had no idea of how to deal with the problem. From a personal point of view, I am reluctant to attend to this work as it still involves the repair shop to effect fitting of the valves and getting the car going. My preference is for me to do everything, for the simple reason that even if perfectly operational valves are fitted, the system can still be troublesome. Once you disturb the system, anything is likely to malfunction simply because many components are quite old and inclined to interfere with the proper operation of the hydraulics. All this is a bit long winded, but I can assure you that at one stage it took two of us two days to get the system to raise a car to its recommended height. Regards Styria

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