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Default Re: 300SEL - 6.3 Ignition Key

Originally Posted by Styria View Post

So I took both door handles with the one key that had actually worked on one of the locks and asked if they would be able to come up with a multi purpose key. Yeah sure, but we are very busy and closing time for Christmas would be the following morning. Hi please, I am desperate. Can I call in the next morning ? Anyway, that's what I did to be greeted with two shiny keys with each working on both locks, and a bill for $44.00 ! Okay, next step - would the keys fit the ignition lock ? With a lot of trepidation, but I still couldn't wait to try it, I went to the premises where the car is kept. Turned on the lights, tried to insert one of the keys gently and gingerly, with baited went in easily enough, and when it came to turn to unlock the steering, the action of the key was as smooth as the proverbial soft butter. Success ! That's my feel good Christmas story. Regards. Styria
Good to know there is a local locksmith that can do this for reasonable money.

by 1971 the W109's had the same key for ignition as with doors? Both my W111's had three keys, ignition, doors, etc.
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