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Default Re: Choosing Rover P5 tyres

Hi C107, to be honest I don't really know what to expect. Fifty five years ago, I fitted brand new Olympic GT Radials to my 1956 Rover 90, and the difference in roadholding had to be experienced - it was unbelievable. It was a different car.Yet, probably about three years later, I purchased a set of Dunlop Road Speed tyres for a Mark IIa I had at the time (I had traded the Rover 90on it). The Dunlops were known for their high speed qualities and they were indeed fitted to the Police Rambler Matador Police cars. Those Dunlops gave nothing to the Radial tyres of that time. Quiet, compliant and terrific in the wet.

I am aware that in reality these Avon Crossplys are probably unsafe, but I tend to think that the car will see little everyday use, would hardly ever see a wet road so, as long as they don't tear themselves to bits and pieces, they should serve well and provide a nice vintage touch - you know, correct tyres etc. etc. I have a person interested in purchasing the car, and he would appreciate this line of thinking. Regards. Styria
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